The dream is ultimately a

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The dream is ultimately a dream. If this dream is not realized, you can set up another one and then another dream. If you can achieve a dream, you can think, it is not a dream, but your strength. In this way, you will have confidence. Therefore, people can't give up their dreams before they die. This is the case. You can't imagine this is a letter written by an old lady in the country. She interprets the word "dream" so thoroughly. Although she is just an ordinary, aunt who cleans people. Deguang was so lucky when he was a teenager. Although this did not make his life flat and smooth, but it allowed him to constantly climb up and struggle forward in the face of various setbacks. People can have different dreams at different times. "Only you can't think of it, you can't do it." In fact, the dream is simple, as long as you position your dreams as the most recently achieved goals or just the little desires you are eager to achieve. For example, change a bigger house, such as successful weight loss, such as learning a musical instrument and mastering a skill. Etc., etc. When you are moving towards your dreams every day, that happiness will be real happiness. Even the progress of the bit by bit is very exciting. Life is like this and it is repeated, in the establishment, realization, re-establishment, and realization of dreams, to taste the fruits of success and failure, but no matter how, bringing dreams closer to your reality will be a shortcut to more and more success. My love for the children is as always, and every time I see the children's smiles, they are happy and happy. Children are the most lovely and innocent in the world. They have a high enthusiasm for learning. Every Saturday, they arrive at the place of tutoring on time, regardless of the wind and rain. They always treat every learning with the eyes of eager knowledge. Every time we tutor, we are more willing to teach them. Every time we teach, not only learning, but also harvesting happiness, harvesting their growth, let us Understand that you should not care about the strength of your strength, and always pay for it. As a volunteer, what I hope is to share what I know, and look at their learning power, and my heart is inexplicably touched. My volunteer action took the first step in this semester, but I know that this is just a starting point. If the road is chosen, I will do my best. As a sophomore, we deeply know that it is not difficult for primary school students who are eager for knowledge to give them a lecture and do the work of learning. But as a volunteer, it is more important to strengthen The communication and communication between our college students and rural children can, on the one hand, know the living conditions of children living in the grassroots of society, and on the other hand, contribute to the development of rural education. In the days of teaching, there is sour and sweet, and with the children, it is like returning to their childhood; sometimes, children will not lose their temper because of a problem, we will also explain them carefully. In short, since I chose to teach, the ups and downs are inevitable. (Li Yinxia��s teaching tour has ended. Although it is a simple trip to support education, it makes me feel a lot. Our main task is to separate the work for children. To help them solve some problems. I was co-teaching with another small partner (team leader) Cigarettes Online, a third-grade child. He told us that he wanted to learn English, so we taught him from the most basic Carton Of Cigarettes, first from 26 At the beginning of the English alphabet, when I was taught to read it, there were a few letters to read. It seemed to be very difficult. Under our patient guidance, he quickly learned it. In addition, he also taught him some short-answer English Marlboro Lights. Words. After tutoring homework, we played games with them and played very well. The children showed their childlike smiles and saw them innocent and lively, as if they had seen themselves and they didn��t know it. The activity is coming to an end. We took a group photo with the children and then left for the school. On the way back to school, the children��s laughter continued to laugh. Ring in my ears Newport Cigarettes, my mind constantly emerge out of the children's presence Newport 100S.


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