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She is like water, she smiles like a flower. There was her silence in the noise, and there was a scream in her silence. When she first saw her, she didn't pay attention to her beauty, but she seemed to have no intention to pay attention to her. She looked at her in the crowd and her eyes were called LXX. She is a junior in the political philosophy major. She is cheerful and lively, and she speaks handsomely and clearly. I often hang a curved smile on my lips. A pair of curved eyebrows fits perfectly on her face that is not very white but healthy and sweet. It is like a fairy, better than a falling geese. He is called a star. .. is an unemployed youth who has been unemployed for three years. He always thinks that he has a dream. But I don't want to, the pace of life makes the dream seem so far away. He took the class with students on weekends and occasionally worked part-time to earn a living. Bored to play games, look at novels, life is simple and ordinary day, Chongqing, a young municipality directly under the guise of a bustling city, the city lights on both sides of the river at night are beautiful. Jiefangbei, the spiritual fortress that carries the feelings of the people of Chongqing in the war of resistance, has stood firm in the center of the business center of Yuzhong District after decades of ups and downs, Wangfujing, Times Haoyuan, and the World Financial Center. And the construction, high-rise buildings are endless. Every day, large multinational hotels in the vicinity are opening business meetings of large and small, leading high-level in and out, some of them come from China, some from abroad, the mayor of Toronto, Canada, came to participate in the Intercontinental The bilateral economic and trade cooperation conference held by the hotel. The hotel has therefore recruited a part-time team based on college students. The main task is to be responsible for the transfer of tea and western food. He and her, who joined the registration of such a part-time team, did not know him. Due to the needs of the work, a few of the far-away students who lived in the city were able to come to the hotel one night in advance to ensure that they were not late for the next day. She and he were both there that night, when he came, there were already two girls. The three boys waited at the door of the hotel early. He had a simple understanding of the greetings with the two girls and then joined the conversation with the boys. Not long after, she also came. All of a sudden joined the chat queue of the two girls, although it was first sighted, but the atmosphere immediately became active, it is like a long-awaited sister. She whispered warmly and introduced herself aloud: "My name is LXX. The following is the L that is not big, XX is two different XX. Many people have to write my name wrong, the last two words The mistake is no problem Cigarettes Online, and many times the three words have to be written wrong!" After that, a rogue smile shook his head. He also said hello in the past, but he didn't care too much about her. He only noticed that she seemed to be paying attention to him after re-examining each other. After all the people had a simple understanding together, the people who arranged the accommodation came. They all went up to register at the registration desk for nearly ten o'clock. There is an activity room next to the registration office, which has a table tennis table and ready-made rackets and balls. After releasing things, everyone came to the activity room. They didn��t play for a while and then they all dispersed, leaving her with him. They played the ball for a while, tired, didn't continue to fight, just sat down and chatted, they talked very much, and they said a lot. He listened to her school, her hometown, her profession and her professional books, the people in the book; she heard him say that he had read about her professional books, the people in the books and those related to people. the film! It was only then that she knew her school, her profession, and her hometown. He listened to her and listened to her laughing. The sound seems to have smashed a few twists and turns of mountains and rivers before flowing into his atrium. It is such a pleasant and sweet. The work of Western food is not too tired. Everyone has only two or three dishes. It is ok to follow the instructions. As for the tea drink, it is even simpler. He thought that the work of spreading vegetables was originally a heavy burden. It was just because of the activities that had long lacked physical exercise. I didn��t expect that this work was so easy today, at most it was suitable for girls to do. I only thought about it this way. In the end, I still came here, and I ignored it. There is a long wait before eating. In the meantime, he pays attention to her from time to time. When she is quiet, she is very moving, and she is even more smiling. In her spare time, she loves to secretly play with her mobile phone. He thought: "Is she already having a boyfriend who is secretly chatting with her boyfriend? He is quietly paying attention to whether she is not very good. The foreman is waiting for the time during the waiting time for everyone. The boys should not stay long. Nail, girls want to put on lipstick to look a little spirit. Unqualified needs to be sorted out immediately, and a lipstick is used to let the girls take out their mobile phones and paint one by one Marlboro Lights. His nails are qualified. She stands next to him and holds The lipstick handed over from the foreman gently and slightly wiped it, wiped it a few times and quickly handed it to the female student standing next to her, then pouted her mouth against her mobile phone. Her slightly stretched lips had a lipstick and more It looks glamorous and fascinating, with a little bit of a young student atmosphere, but also a mixture of a woman who is born to let the man move into a womanish mood. She looked at the phone and asked softly: "Is it too much?" ? "He stood by and said with a heartless heart: "No, it's pretty, if you look a little more, you'll see it better!" She pouted shyly, shook her head in front of his face, and swayed in front of his face. He was embarrassed to go to the other side of the classmate. He was taken by her sudden action. It made her head subconsciously go back. Her action was so fascinating to him Online Cigarettes, he thought: "How good if he had such a girlfriend! However, a girl like her should have a boyfriend already? Even if not, how can she see a boy who has graduated for a few years without serious work? He thought about it this way, then shook his head slightly and smiled for a second. During the work, they didn't have too many opportunities to communicate Newport Cigarettes. It was the time to get off work. They came out from the building together. When he walked out of the building, he realized that: more or less, he should leave a contact! He took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat, and put the screen on his QR code to reach out and hand it to her: "Hey, add a friend! This requirement is not excessive, right? She smiled and took out the mobile phone. They walked together for a short distance. He pointed in one direction. He wanted a bus. She pointed to the other direction. She wanted to take the light rail. They separated and moved toward their own. After half a minute's direction, they met again! It turned out that they should walk in the other way. She met him, smiled and walked away in her own direction. He met her, too. A glimpse, then a smile. Looking at the back of her departure, she and he disappeared into each other. In the past, the cool afternoon sun was shining, and the pedestrian street of Jiefangbei was crowded. Here is the best time in the world in April. !
The dream is ultimately a

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