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Special materials may be required to resist corrosion Authentic Kole Calhoun Jersey , abrasion, and impact depending on the material being handled. In some applications, liners are added to the fan wheel at locations where the most abrasion will occur. These liners can then be replaced periodically without having to replace the entire wheel. The level of abrasion of the material will determine the level of erosion protection needed. Some applications may only require a special coating, while others may require special material liners to be installed on the fan wheel and or housing. Special coatings may also be required to resist corrosion or to make cleaning easier. Oversized access doors may be used to make maintenance and cleaning easier to accomplish. Special construction of the housing, known as swing-out and clamshell Authentic Mike Trout Jersey , allow for easy access to the fan components for cleaning and maintenance. In swing-out construction, the fan wheel, shaft, bearings, and motor are mounted on a door. The door can be opened for easy cleaning of fan components without removing ductwork. Shaft seals may be required to resist materials from leaking out around the fan shaft.

Negative pressure systems are generally used for transporting material from one or more entry points to a single exit point. The configuration of components in this type of system is feeder Authentic Albert Pujols Jersey , separator. This type of system is almost always used where toxic materials are being handled because any leakage is into the system.

Material is fed into a negative pressure system (fan downstream of feeder and separator) using one of several methods. Mechanical methods may be used, such as in the positive pressure setup. Alternatively, a simple feeder, such as a duct opening, may be sufficient if the material is light enough for the amount of vacuum the fan creates. Hopper fed elbows can be useful as any extra material not collected in the air stream will fall down the elbow and can be re-used.

The negative pressure system is well suited for applications such as unloading rail cars. Another application would be for handling toxic materials so that any leakage would be into the system. Grains Authentic Nolan Ryan Jersey , seeds, granular chemicals, and pellets have been successfully transported using this method. In this type of system, since the fan is downstream of the separator, the amount of material going through the fan is minimized. Therefore Garrett Richards Jersey , the wear and tear on the fan is limited. Another advantage to this type of system is that any leakage is into the system, thereby eliminating dust problems. The disadvantage to this type of system is that if the loading is high or the length of the system is large, the components must be designed for high vacuum. This adds cost to the components and must be considered when comparing methods of transport.

The material loading is the ratio of the weight flow of the material to that of the air. For any given material, there is a minimum transport velocity required to convey the material. Therefore, the airflow rate will depend several different pipe duct sizes may be used Andrew Heaney Jersey , but only one will be the most economical. There is quite a range of suggested material loadings for a particular setup, so it is recommended to consult with a pneumatic conveying expert prior to making any calculations. Typically, a material loading of anywhere from 2:1 to 1:1 or less is acceptable for standard industrial fans. Pressure blowers may be used up to material loadings of 6:1. Over that, more specialized designs, such as multiple fans or multiple stage blowers Ben Revere Jersey , may be required. Once a pipe size has been selected, the airflow rate can be calculated based on the minimum transport velocity of the material being handled.


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