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The government will not send American staff back to the US Embassy in Havana yet Cheap Dion Lewis Jersey , a US official told Reuters on Tuesday amid concerns over what Washington calls attacks that have sickened two dozen diplomats.

Although the US has not formally accused the Cuban government of being responsible for the health problems that affected 24 US diplomats and family members in the past 18 months, President Donald Trump has said Havana was to blame. Cuba has denied the charges.

The US government says victims have suffered hearing loss, dizziness, fatigue and cognitive issues. Washington reduced its embassy to a skeleton staff in September.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the Associated Press last week that he was not convinced ""deliberate attacks"" are over.

""There is no way you can conduct sophisticated attacks targeting American government officials without the Cuban government at least knowing about it Cheap Malcolm Butler Jersey ,"" Senator Marco Rubio said.


" The umbrella term Laser Eye Surgery is used to denote various eye surgeries that help in correcting refractive errors or how the eye focuses light. Most common kinds of laser surgery include LASIK, LASEK, EpiLASEK. One common feature among all the four kinds of surgery is all the categories make use of same laser called the “excimer laser” that reshapes the cornea. This reshaping rectifies the vision, but then Cheap Kamalei Correa Jersey , laser eye surgeries vary in procedures, recovery time and the surgery equipment also varies from place to place.

The right kind of laser surgeries

Deciding upon the type of surgery suitable for a patient is difficult. However, the ophthalmologist will be able to determine conveniently which procedure of eye surgery is suitable by performing a series of comprehensive tests and eye examinations. Most of the patients, however Cheap Dennis Kelly Jersey , attain better results with laser eye surgery. LASIK is in fact the most common type of eye surgery that starts with the creation of thin flap in the region of cornea. Traditionally surgeons made use of cutting equipment but now with the advancement of technology doctors have come up with laser which has maximum precision by offering fewer complications. LASIK if conducted through laser costs more than ordinary equipment owing to the results that are delivered. People those who use glasses and even contact lens for myopia, LASIK is perfect for them. Certain prescription drugs need to be taken after the completion of the surgery.

What are the various criteria that need to be fulfilled for laser surgery?

Various conditions need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for the surgery:

• The person must be atleast 18 years for vision in the person keeps in changing if heshe is too young. However near sightedness may be corrected if the child suffers from severe amblyopia.
• Those who take the prescription drugs like Cardarone, Accutane, Imitrex cannot undergo the surgery.
• Patients with nearsightedness must postpone LASIK surgery and wait till the condition gets stabilised.
• If someone is suffering from diabetes Cheap Kevin Byard Jersey , lupus, glaucoma etc must not go for LASIK surgery.

The common type of surgical procedure


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