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c, many people must think that they must have goals, they must work hard, and they must pay more than the original, but few people think that the first thing to grow is to give up. But life is like this, it's hard to be perfect, give up some to get some people who don't want to give up, and want to get more, it's really hard to say to friends, he has three business stations, 2 forums, 3 Ali, 2 Taobao, he is too busy with her, I don't know what to do. I don't know how to go in the future, and I haven't made much money. I feel that I have a bottleneck. I said, it's very simple, just give up without making money. The friend said Cheap Cigarettes, can't put it, maybe make money in the future. Everyone must know that he is not faint. How can a person want to get it? And with a lot of things on my hands, how can I get new things? When I think of a friend, she used to be a webmaster. She also came into contact with the online merchants. So I feel that everything is fine. Many things are done by myself. Many things can't be added. For example, her Taobao shop always has other products, and he uploads it directly. At the beginning, he said that there are definitely more people to buy like this. According to the average person, it makes sense. There are many treasures, and the chances are wide. Just not. Thinking of this, I thought of a friend's bar At the beginning, he told his staff that if you want to make money, you must obey, put your temper, and wear short skirts and high heels. Give up all the waywardness and self-pride, and find ways to serve every guest well. Otherwise, money must not be earned. Because everyone must know that too many people are thinking and comfortable, and making money. However, there is really nothing like this in the world. If you want to get something, you really have to give up something. So many people also know how to choose and know what they want most. As for the others, one eye closed. Because they know how to give up, they get it. Otherwise, it is like many people use the platform of others free of charge. They also say that the platform of others is not easy to use, and they still have to change him. According to my thought, since we want to use other people��s homes for free, we have to revise the ideas that belonged to us. How do people come, how do we come. Since we have not used the money from others, we must not modify other people's things and adapt to others. Give up our original dissatisfaction and give up all our dislikes. The last time I had a friend who wanted to recruit, I didn��t graduate at that time. He said that I couldn��t recruit people and asked me to help me. But once I sent it, I didn't dare. Why, because I originally saw that my friend��s salary is really higher than that of someone else��s company, so I sent it. But I didn't want to see people who saw this message more thinking about having a package and eating it. There is no hardware, no gold, and there are a lot of weekends. I told my friends later that there is no way, you can recruit yourself. Put it. And too many people went to the so-called local internships outside, and when they asked, friends were already full. In fact, according to my own thoughts, I really want to do things. Some things we must first put down and give up. For example, in order to get things done, it is normal to work overtime. Especially for big companies, these are too normal. Many people want to find a rich person. I hope she can stay with me all the time, handsome, young and obedient. Just, is there such a person in the world, some, in the story of a fairy tale book. Because there are too many factors, although we like it very much, it is really contradictory. For example, if we want beauty, we must remove our own temper and tolerate her temper. If you want to have money, we must first give up our pride. Otherwise, it is really like the phrase that everyone often talks about. When I hold the bricks, I can't hold you. When I hold you, I can't hold bricks. Although, many people think that his object can hold the brick and hold her. At the beginning, this very busy friend, he is really a very thoughtful person, but he is reluctant to give up. I still remember seeing the enterprise station he built for the first time. He really has everything. You can place an order online, have a blog, have a forum, and you can also post articles. Anyway, there are everything. The function is quite powerful, but he also lost me and said that if you really want to do it, remove those things that you shouldn't have. For example, forums, you are a corporate station, engage in forums, and very few people, unless there are special applications, blogs are also. I said, to do it, the easiest thing to do is to modify it later. He just started to add these things regardless of what he did. Anyway, it adds a lot. In the end, he found that he had 4 minutes and three times spent on tossing the website and spent on modifying the code of the program. Because in a few days he will find it bad, you will find it is not good Online Cigarettes. The latter also let him go, and really earned some. And it's a lot easier. Of course, at the beginning, in fact, these projects were given to him because he was still a small supermarket. Only every time I gave him a project, he said, OK, this is one of my several projects, I must do it with my heart. After a while, he looked for me again, and there were no new projects. If you want to increase your income, you have to go to new projects. It��s just that I know that if he gives him more projects, he must be a fraction of it, and the money he earns must be less and less. Why, this point, I have said before. Just doing things is like digging a well. Our face must be very narrow, so that we can have a way to dig deeper and dig deeper, and then there is a way to get out of the water, and he is dug here and dug it. The main thing is that his face is very big, but it is still expanding again and again. Therefore, it is destined to dig wells more and more shallow. Speaking of this expansion, I thought of a friend's wife, she was originally a young lady's temper, and my friend still felt that it was okay. Anyway, as the age increases, it will definitely get better, and then I will get married, but then I will get married, but I didn't expect it to get worse. Whether it is for friends or for her parents, it is very bad. I started to be lazy, and I didn��t go home to rest. In fact, according to the general idea, getting married, it should be getting better and better. Even if I want to say a lot, I often feel uncomfortable, but it is righir husbands and wives are in trouble, I heard that it is very strict. Of course, I also saw too many people, although I temporarily gave up some things, but in the end it became very good. For example, I saw a lot of people give up the weekend at any time, but it was because of overtime Newport 100S, and accumulated later. And letting myself go well behind, let him go to a lot of colleagues. For example, we see a lot of people, even if they only focus on one point, others give up, but that point is his core competitiveness, let him go to the front of many people. In fact, our strength, our energy is similar, but when we put in ten places, although we are very careful, but in the end can maintain the food and clothing of those 10 places Marlboro Gold, but if we focus on one point. Maybe it will be difficult in the front, but it will be multiplied later. So we often see that those who are very simple and very simple, very soily can do very well. Because they only know how to do one thing, two items can't do it. And as old people want to get more of us, we have to give up, we must learn to focus on them. I can't think of anything, it's important to attract people. It's enough for us to eat for a few years. Maybe it's a skill. Maybe it's a platform, maybe a sentence, maybe it's a small project.

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