The gardenia blossoms

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The gardenia blossoms, the petals are white and elegant, and the aroma is refreshing. I love scorpion flowers very much. I don't know if it is from a girl's feelings. The "a flowering tree" of Mi Xirong is too poisonous. I always think that I am also a flowering tree, a gardenia tree. So I planted a lot, and it was gorgeous at the beginning, slowly fading, and finally the death is the final scorpion flower. I love you, why can't I always get you? Lenovo recently broadcasted a TV station in Beijing. I can't help but feel the fate of the TV series "Woman of the Knife Family", the fate of women who have the same flowers. It is reasonable to say that the age of the literary youth has already passed, and it will not start again. But I still can't help but wait for the tide, and even the blood is boiling. The legendary goblin has to cultivate for a thousand years, and then he can do whatever he wants. He wants to know what to do. It is obvious that the road is not deep enough, but it is the most tragic in the world. The character is nothing more than Shi Caifeng. From a timid woman who obeys goodness, she becomes a sinister conspirator, an angry avenger, what has passed? Who is wrong? Shi Caifeng summed up: The bastard bastard, her man's fault! Really said it well! "A woman becomes a tigress is a man's fault!" Especially at that time, what was a woman? "It's an object" is an accessory. In the eyes of those who are not in the hands of men, isn't it a man? The happiness in the world is the same, but unfortunately it has its own merits. I once heard a patient say: There is a pair of lovers who have been talking for many years Newport Cigarettes. The woman unfortunately suffered from uterine cancer. She was treated in the hospital. Her boyfriend didn��t show up in the face, so there was no news. There is also a couple, the wife is already in the late stage of cancer, and there are not many times. The ruthless husband shows off with her "Little Three" in front of her bed, and so on. In the play, the old man, the idiot is a confession, but he also completed his Nirvana with his blood, which makes people feel the bloodiness of a man. What about men in the world? It is a scorpion who specializes in tearing up beautiful things a little bit. I thought that I was a standard literary fan. I read Xi Murong��s poem all day, and I saw Qiong Yao��s "Outside the Window". "Olive Tree", do not eat human flickering with San Mao to wander, talk about a three-like love. Unforgettable time, only youth, only fantasy, not long whiplashes by the years, no bruises. I thought that I would throw away my illusions, step into the world, not do the scribbles of Kanghe, don��t do the climbing flowers, don��t make the birds under the shade of green, grow into a tall kapok, and bloom red flowers. You can share the "cold wave, wind and thunder, sputum", share "smog, rogue, rainbow, but I am wrong Online Cigarettes, there are things in the world that can never be changed, just like the sun is the sun, the moon is the moon, the sun is forever Without the gentleness of the moon Newport 100S, the moon will never express the heat of the sun. This is life, the most tragic woman's life! Just like Ge Dani in the play Carton Of Cigarettes, paying all the sons of love, backing her, the daughter of her own does not recognize him, loves Men can't be together, you Ge Dani rises again, and then fight against fate. How about my half life Cheap Cigarettes, I have already experienced "cold wave, wind thunder, sputum", scarred, but I still want to be a flowering tree, I am just a mortal.
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The gardenia blossoms 12.07.2019 09:25

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